News from the Team - Andreas Schrader05/09/2016

Testing session at Estering

At the end of April Novasport Racing took their brand-new Audi A1 S1600 out for testing on Estering. It was Andreas' first real test of the Audi. We came back with some nice pictures and valuable experiences.

News from our Partners - Andreas Schrader05/08/2016

New Partner – Liqui Moly

Today we would like to welcome Liqui Moly as our new supplier of lubricants for our engine and gearbox.

As you may know, Liqui Moly is a leading manufacturer of lubricants, additives and engine oils, vehicle care products and chemical repair aids, as well as service-, adhesive- and sealing products.

A lot of great stuff our team will use this year!

News from the Team - Andreas Schrader04/22/2016

Novasport Racing switches to Audi

After winning the International German Rallycross Championship in 2013 we sold our championship car, the VW Polo GTI Super1600, in 2014. Then in two years time we created our new race car in cooperation with our partner Blue Engineering. Today we would like to share the first pictures of our new Audi A1 S1600 with our Fans.

News - Esther Schrader11/02/2015

News from the Polo

What happened to our good old VW Polo? Who bought it and where is it driven? We spoke to Torben Møller, the new owner.

News from the Team - Andreas Schrader01/19/2014

DMSB Gala of Champions in Wiesbaden

On January 18th the German ASN (DMSB) celebrated the “Gala of Champions” in Wiesbaden. This ceremonial event marked the end of the 2013 season and all German motor sport champions as well as European and World Champions from Germany were invited to receive their official trophies. DMSB also honored their voluntary members acting as officials during race events during the event.

News from the Team - Andreas Schrader08/29/2013

Groß Dölln, second attempt

Looking forward to race in Groß Dölln. And the award will be full points because of the seven Danes competing in this race. Thanks to Denmark and see you on the track!

Race Report - Andreas Schrader07/05/2013

Limited number of points at Estering

After two major damages (Gearbox and Differential) in this season the team was hoping for a clean race weekend and valuable points for the championship. On Saturday Andreas Schrader did not risk anything and ended up only on 8th place. But because of this year’s regulations, this meant leadership in the championship.

News - Andreas Schrader06/21/2013

Everything set for Estering!

Good news for all Novasport Racing fans: “The new gearbox and differential have finally arrived. The diff is installed and our Polo is race-ready.” The team is looking forward to the excitement of the upcoming round of the DRX. “With 90 entries this is going to be a great weekend for both drivers and fans.”, says Andreas Schrader.

“The diff has been checked in cooperation with Volland Racing and I am really expecting to compete the entire weekend and to gather some valuable points for the championship.” adds Schrader.

Race Report - Andreas Schrader05/31/2013

A missed opportunity

“This really drives me crazy! This has been such an unlucky season for us so far“, said Andreas Schrader when the team left the Gründautalring already on Saturday evening with a damaged VW Polo. In free and timed practice Schrader outmatched his competitors and he was even faster than the all-wheel-drive SuperCar in the field. But there is a wise saying: “To finish first you have to finish first” and this what the team couldn’t achieve at that day.

At the start of heat 1 the differential broke and there was no way to fix it. “Maybe this is a late effect of the gearbox damage of last race’s disaster. We completely took the diff apart and cleaned it, but there may have been leftovers.“ adds Schrader disappointed. “However, we have to look forward. We found another Gemini gearbox/differential set in Greece and bought it. We hope to be able to compete in our home race at the Estering at the End of June.”

News from the Team - Andreas Schrader05/14/2013

Ready for Gründau!

The gearbox in our VW Polo GTi S1600 has been replaced by a brand new one and two weeks ago we tested it on the Estering. Everything works as expected, so the whole team is looking forward to attend to the DRX’s “Monaco” type of race. See you at Gründau!